Saturday, February 2, 2008

bed time

Yea I know I don't write much. guess i'm to busy readying other peoples blogs. :) . My wife and daughter have been telling me that I need to update the blog.

I've lost 2 of my turkeys over this winter. not sure but think they just got sick. it was the mom and a youngster. But I believe I have 3 young hens and a tom out of the youngsters. The tom just loves to strut around his flock. Guess he has been getting to close to one of the goats that has just had twins. He has gotten butt a few times or come close to it.

I went to an auction today cause it said it was going to have small animals, and pigeons. Guess what, I ended up home with a pair of pigeons. The ad said pigeons but all they had were 2 of them. bid started out at $10 and went down from there. when it hit $1 I bid and got them. All they had for small animals were 2 buck rabbits and some puppys. OH yeah and I ended up home with a cute little rat terrior female puppy. She is a doll. I'm thinking about naming her "Patches". I will try to get a picture posted tommorow of her.

I've got 11 guineas left. started with 12. One of them commited suicide. Hung him self. The rest of them are active little buggers. they are fun to watch. they never seem to stay in one place for very long. and they travel mostly as a group.

Our inside cat "emmy" has since come to live outside. I think he likes it better. He was going nuts in the house. biting feet and acting like a dog. got up one morning and found the trash can in the bath room spilt all over the floor and also there was a boot have way down the hall. I think he still thinks he is a dog. But he is a nice cat.

Striper is doing fine along with the 3 little pigs... I mean sheep. When striper gets fed they have to be there also. All 3 of them jumping up on each other and me, begging for hand outs. I've had Brita follow me out in the pasture when taking the manure out. she wants fed or scratched under her chin. then other 2 are a bit standoffish. Though there have been a few times that I've sat down on the ground with my back against a bale and while scatching Brita under the chin amber will jump up on the bale and nussle me behind the ears, like she is saying Hey I want some to.

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