Sunday, March 2, 2008

New Baby's

Here are some pics of my newest arrivals. They are the kind with the funny little top hats. I think the term is creasted. Just got them last night at Orcheln's farm and Home.
I hope to get a pair of Muscovy Ducks the first of the week. I am in contact with a lady in Chillicothe that has several of them. I will get a pair so that I can have some baby muscovy's. She told me they are getting ready to start laying before long.

Mrs. Pigeon is setting on an egg. Been there for about 4 days I think know. Hopefully before to long she will have a baby pigeon. I've been real busy lately and so have not got a pigeon coup built for them. They seem to be doing alright where they are at. I've go most of the things I need to build it. I just need to get some barn metal screws and a piece of 3/4" treated plywood for the floor. will try to get it the first of the week. If I can get it done before she hatches I probably won't move them till she has. Don't want to disturb her.

I has have to the entrance to the bird yard at the gate filled with concrete so that it isn't so darn muddy. waiting till it drys up and doesn't get below freezing at night.