Sunday, November 11, 2007

Some pictures of the critters

here are some more pictures of the critters. I've been a bit lax in getting them posted. Either been busy or to darn tired to get them posted.

One is Striper the donkey wondering what is going on inside the fence.

Some of the young turkeys looking for food in the pan in their house and then of the Tom outside his house who just loves to strut about.

Just to the left and attached to the Turkey shed I plan on attaching a lean-to for the sheep. For now they can bed down with the Goats which is near by. The big building behind the turkeys is the garage/Barn. I plan on storing hay inside it. excess feed is stored there now. Will post pics of the grain bin I just got put up last week in the near future.

Getting ready for some new critters

Well this afternoon I designed and built a little 4 X 5 box to go onto my small flatbed trailer. enclosed it and built an angle iron door and covered it with expanded metal. It ought to hold a few sheep. Planning on going up to the twin cities next weekend to get a couple Shetland sheep. their names are Brita and Amber. Brita is a white ewe and Amber is a musket ewe lamb. Amber has brown tips and is light grey under neath. They both will make some nice wool to spin with. It will give me something to do in the winter time when it is too darn cold outside to be out. I'm wanting to get some spun up to make socks.

The guiniea eggs that I was trying to hatch didn't, but I tried. I installed a taller roost in the turkey and guinea house and the guineas seem to like it. It is neat to see them all purched on it. Well I got to get a few things done before dark. oh it is almost dark.. later

Saturday, October 27, 2007

A new day dawns

Well late last night I pulled the automatic egg turner out of the incubator. I'm trying to hatch some guinea eggs. they are from different colored guineas. I'm hoping by the first of the week to have some new baby guineas. Don't know if anything will become of them but they have been fun babysitting them.
Today I let one of the young guinea Keets out of the nursery into the main part of the turkey house. Will let it get used to being out and that it is safe. will slowly introduce the rest of them that way.
The cornish cross don't care were they are as long as there is food. they seem to be growning nicely. I told my wife that they are to big for their britches. They don't like to be picked up but they will stand there and let you rub their chests.

Well I finely got the posts put in the ground for holding the small grain bin off the ground. It is the kind of bin that has the funnel shape on the bottom. I have to make the bottom part of the cone and then will mount a grain auger to it. Dad and I are going to run it into the chicken house so as to make it easier to access. better than cranking it by hand and standing knee deep in snow with a cold wind blowing up you back. Hope to be able to get it finished and filled before the snow flys.

Friday, October 26, 2007

first ever blog

This is my first ever blog so I'm not sure what is expected of me. I have been reading a lot of blogs on shetland sheep, turkeys and such. So I decided to try my hand at it. I seem to be collecting a few small critters as I like to call them. It seems to have a calming effect with me. Especially after working all day with flooring or some other work related thing even if I enjoy it. I enjoy my turkeys, guineas and donkey. I also have 4 Cornish Cross chickens that I have named chicken dinner, foghorn,leghorn and drumstick. funny thing is I can't tell them apart but they should be good eating come sometime in november. The turkeys arn't big enough ( that is the young ones) for eating 1 this thanksgiving.